Our knowledge and experience allow us to manufacture standard and custom wire rope assemblies and products for various industrial clients. With in-house design services, you can get the exact kinds of wire rope assemblies and steel wire cable products that you are looking for from one place at an affordable price. 

Wire Rope Assemblies

Need something custom? Our manufacturing team can produce up to 1,500 assemblies per day. With an extensive line of wire rope and rope fittings, we specialize in cable sizes from 3/64" - 3/8" in diameter with a breaking strength of 270 lbs. - 14,400 lbs.

Our team is ready to help you, step-by-step through the design process, to quote according to your drawings and specifications. Choose your assembly, and let us do the rest. We are committed to providing quality cable assemblies that exceed your expectations.

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Wire Rope Hardware

When it comes to wire rope hardware, fittings and cable assemblies are used in various ways, from relatively simple fencing to highly advanced farming equipment. That’s why we carry a comprehensive selection of wire ropes, fittings, and accessories to effectively rig your wire rope to produce the fit, form, and function you desire.

A2 Ventures Inc. is ready to help you find the precise cable and fittings needed to meet your requirements and exceed your expectations; from turnbuckles, shackles, hooks, and quick links to eye bolts, screw hooks, thimbles, and sleeves, we ensure all our assemblies are created with performance and durability in mind.

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Swine Welfare Enrichment Toys

Pigs need activities to keep them both engaged and entertained. Without access to environmental enrichment and toys, growing swine can develop behavioural problems that make feeding difficult. In the long term, behavioural issues can negatively impact their health. By nature, pigs display aggression to assert dominance. They do this by starting fights and biting other pigs' tails and ears, causing damage and costly veterinary bills.

Hog House Systems, a division of A2 Ventures Inc., has developed and produced over 70,000 swine welfare toys in four different welfare enrichment designs for various stages of production, which include: Piglets (0-4 weeks), 1st Stage Weaners (4-7 weeks), 2nd Stage Weaners (7-12 weeks), and Finishers/ Sows (12-26 Weeks).

Our design allows several pigs to play together, which has been proven to reduce ear, tail, and flank biting in pigs. The chain was specially designed with a welded ring with six links from the bottom to add interaction and sound for the pigs to enjoy.

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Need Something Custom Made?

Our manufacturing team is ready to assemble your next project for you, Inquire below to find out how we can help.

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