Our drafting team will take your design ideas and turn them into technical drawings, working closely with our customers to ensure quality workmanship and quick project turnaround times. Before starting a big project without a plan, let us work hard and create floor plans for you. We will lay out exactly how each puzzle piece will be assembled, giving you a fully digital or printed overview of your internal and external barn system configurations drawn up for easy installation.

Customer Oriented

Having your project designed and built under the same umbrella provides increased control, improved cost efficiency, and faster delivery.  We can handle your project from start to finish.  From planning, design, and drafting to construction and building, A2 Ventures Inc. provides complete project management services and experienced professionals to ensure your project is completed seamlessly and to the highest standard our clients deserve.

Drafting Services

Every aspect of the design has been thoroughly detailed in the plans. This gives your builder a more accurate way of estimating the total cost of construction and helps eliminate unforeseen elements that can pop up during construction. Ultimately our attention to detail helps save you time and money.

* Structural drawings will need an engineer's seal of approval *

*Auto CAD Technical Drawings

We are providing you with detailed digital & printed floor plans which can be customized to fit your specific needs.

*New Construction, Renovation & Addition Design

During the drafting process, we take a collaborative approach to bring your concept to life.

Plumbing, Water & Sewer Layouts

Plumbing plans illustrate the systems that will bring water in and take the waste back out. Typically includes water supply lines, drains, vent pipes, valves, fixtures, etc.

Lighting, Electrical & Ventilation System Layouts

Once the various parts and applicable standards have been determined, the designer will compile the systems to create easy-to-read plans.

Feed System Design

We are supplying custom layouts for automated feed delivery systems covering any variation of livestock feeding.

Livestock Housing Floorplan Layouts

Livestock housing solutions custom designed to fit any barn configuration covering farrowing & gestation crates, loose housing, etc.

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