Once you purchase the livestock equipment you need, it’s time to fit the pieces together. Just like you need an expert on the proper design of your barn, you also need access to a qualified installation team. From installing farrowing crates to replacing water, feed, and ventilation systems, used in hog and poultry production, we can help.

A2 Ventures Inc. will work with minimal disruptions to your facility while maximizing biosecurity and animal health. When deciding to undergo significant on-farm changes, producers are concerned with how it will improve their operation and livelihood. We combine our knowledge and experience with your goals and needs to bring your vision to life.

Our team’s background in design and management allows our solutions to maximize benefits and minimize frustrations, whether a renovation or a new installation, all backed by our 1-Year After Service Warranty. 

Dry Feed Delivery Systems

We install both Flex Flighting & Chain Disk feed Delivery Systems in hog, poultry, and other livestock facilities. A2 Ventures Inc. controls the manufacturing and distribution process from beginning to end by providing our own line of products under the brand HOG-GRO.

Flexible auger systems make up the backbone of feed delivery systems for most poultry and swine production operations. Both feeding systems offer a wide range of flexibility and HOG-GRO’s auger and feed line components are engineered and designed to provide reliable, long lasting performance where you need it. Allowing us to confidently stand behind our products which gives us the opportunity to offer exceptional installation services on the products we design ourselves.


Feed Storage

A2 offers a wide variety of service solutions for any of your on-farm feed storage solutions. Ranging from economical bolt-together galvanized bins to premium powder-coated welded steel bins. We also install Poly feed bins which are perfectly suited for liquid premixes.

Whether you need another ring layer installed on your bulk bin, or a bin weighing system installed, we can offer our services in any of these applications, From the moment supplies are shipped, to the final clean-up our knowledgeable installation team will have your request completed in no time.

Climate Control & Ventilation

Production farmers know that bad air could negatively effect their animals. A properly designed ventilation system will provide an environment which is desirable for animals as well as people. Optimal temperature, humidity control and sufficient air exchange are important factors in maintaining animal health and productivity, whether it is a building for farrowing, gestation, or finishers and other livestock facilities.

A2 provides HOG HOUSE SYSTEMS as our in house product line and installs systems that are engineered to provide precise control of the climate inside the facility, even when the climate outside of the building is extreme or changing. Our work includes the installation and startup of your ventilation & climate control system, once installed, we will continue to provide great service and maintenance for all your climate control and ventilation systems.


Water Supply & Drinking Systems

Water is a nutrient and is absolutely essential to maximize growth rate in pigs of all ages. Research shows that if a pig drinks the proper amount of water, it eats more, grows more, and converts feed to gain better. The result is a healthy, profitable pig. Freshwater is needed for better growth, metabolic function, remove wastes, transportation of nutrients, and regulation of the livestock’s body temperature.

With HOG-GRO'S automatic watering systems, producers can be more certain that livestock are not only getting the proper levels of medications, but that their overall water consumption is more efficient and, therefore, more cost-effective.

We currently carry drinker nipples, connector kits for easy watering, swine watering cups, as well as automatic waterers for a more permanent application.

Our In-house manufacturing team assembles a wide range of watering solutions and hardware kits making it an easy install in the field or barn for any user. We offer installation services on all watering solutions as well as a wide selection of our own products developed by HOG-GRO and plumbing solutions developed by WASSER FlO.


Electrical Systems

A2 Ventures Inc., agricultural electricians are experts when it comes to modern and efficient agricultural electrical services. From high efficiency lighting systems to the most advance equipment technology. Barns, shops, and other livestock buildings often require commercial and sometimes industrial electrical systems because they use high voltage components.

We are proud to offer STROM ELECTRIC as our electrical product line, controlling the quality of the products we install is vital to a long lasting, trouble free experience that will withstand the harsh elements seen in a barn enviroment.

Our agricultural electrical service specialists will also help you with a complete analysis of your current electrical systems and make recommendations that can streamline your operations and automate your agricultural processes. Every agriculture operation is unique. We get to know your farm and create custom solutions that make sense for you. Our ultimate goal is to power your growth, today and far into the future.


Housing Equipment

A good swine housing system strikes a balance between producer and animal requirements. Considerations for housing systems focus on economics, animal welfare, management styles and biosecurity. We supply a variety of housing systems used in livestock production, including group and individual housing.

HOG HOUSE SYSTEMS product line is designed to protect your pigs from disease and increase your profits. Swine production facilities must provide the right conditions for hogs, sows, and piglets to thrive in. Our systems accommodate pens of any size, loose housing, large group housing, mating compartments, nursing and grower rooms, piglet housing, finishing houses and more. These systems can also be outfitted with all the necessary accessories and equipment to ensure the animal’s wellbeing.

We work closely with our customers to ensure quality workmanship and quick project turnaround times. Our installation team is committed to delivering livestock housing solutions custom designed to fit any barn configuration covering farrowing & gestation crates, loose housing, and much more. A2 Ventures Inc., will create the ideal environment for your livestock and ensure your project is completed seamlessly and to the highest standard our clients deserve.


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