Proudly Canadian, Family Owned and Operated

We at A2 Ventures Inc. are happy to share our history because it got us to where we stand today.

A2 Ventures Inc. is a culturally diverse, fast-growing Canadian company, employing over 50 Team Members, with our Home Office in Dufresne, Manitoba. We are focused on providing the agriculture industry with modern production equipment solutions.

2009-2013     A2 Ventures was founded

  • Just like most companies that had their beginnings in a garage, so did A2 Ventures back in 2009. Starting in the plumbing and heating industry, with a crew of 10 full-time employees, we focused on providing excellent and honest service to the public. Simultaneously, we offered bobcat services, including general landscaping and septic fields.
2014     First footstep into the AG Industry
  • We established a relationship with Maple Leaf foods to renovate and remodel old swine facilities to the new industry standard. This enabled us to expand our growth and take our first footstep into the Ag Industry.
  • Our team was able to complete 2 barn remodels within the first year while the team only consisted of 12-15 employees

2015-2016     Doubled our workforce

  • With the experience we collected in the previous years, we practiced greater work efficiency and doubled our workforce to help our customers bring their outdated barns to current standards.

2017     Employed over 75 team members

  • 2017 was the busiest year that A2 Ventures Inc has ever experienced; we employed over 75 Full-time employees across six different project locations to help renovate, remodel, and install all sorts of hog production equipment. 
  • 2017 is a memorable milestone that showed us and many others our management and project capabilities in the Ag Industry.

2018     Launched our first Sow Crate

  • After serving several hog producers with our installation on a wide span of hog equipment, we understood the needs of our clients. We saw a gap in equipment or parts that could improve design, functionality, durability, and cost. Therefore, we started to design, produce, and source our product line, including our first-generation gestation crate, which is still available today.
  • Late 2018, A2 Ventures Inc, moved from a small 1200sqft fabric storage building into a 10,000sqft warehouse featuring a 1000sqft product showroom. 

2019     Launched our penning system

  • Having had great success with our in-house designed gestation crate, we introduced additional products and launched our first sow farrowing crate, as well as our line of PVC planking and penning systems, with stainless brackets & hardware, Feed delivery chain disk system, and MADE IN CANADA Swine welfare enrichment toys.
  • Record Breaking Job Time In 2019, Hypor Inc hired us to complete equipment installation on a 30,000 sqft barn. This project had been estimated to take several months, and we finished it in 4-1/2 days.
  • Ten years in business!

2020-2022     Introduced 2 private brands

  • Introduced two new private brands; Hog-Gro, which entails all feed and water supplies for Hogs, and Hog House Systems, a brand with a great selection of swine housing equipment.
  • Constructed an All-New product website to showcase our line of equipment and parts with current pricing, available stock, and the services we offer.
  • Launched Walk-In service for custom hose assemblies

Our Mission

Good service means offering the best quality and a great selection of products with the quickest service in the industry.

Whether you're a small hobby farmer or run a large production facility, we hope to see you as long-term partners; we hope to exceed our customer's expectations and deliver our products and services with passion and exceptional excellence.

Our goal is to provide a One Stop Shop on the equipment you need, whether it's equipment or parts sales, Installation services, regular Maintenance, and warranty; we are proud to offer this under one single roof, meaning you only ever need to remember one phone number.

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