Big Dutchman’s plastic flooring always meets our customer’s high demands for hygienic, productivity-enhancing, and animal-friendly housing of sows and piglets. Click to read more about each product below:

Concrete Slats

Our company’s namesake product; Hog Slat is the world leader in the production of high-quality concrete slat flooring for swine barns. Our slats are manufactured using a strong, dry-cast concrete mix process and reinforced with high-tensile steel mats for improved durability and strength. Hog Slat concrete slats have a longer life expectancy than the competition and are more uniformly produced, with a perfectly flat surface that is easier on pigs’ feet and joints.

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Plastic Flooring

Hog Slat manufactures our blue plastic flooring for pigs with a high-tech injection molding process using virgin quality polypropylene copolymer to create a durable, long-lasting plastic flooring solution for nursery pigs and farrowing barn installations. Our plastic swine flooring is available in multiple grid configurations and sizes that will adapt to any building scheme, whether it is a new construction or barn remodeling project.

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Metal Flooring

Hog Slat galvanized triangular bar (TriDEK) flooring system is a great metal flooring option for nursery pig and farrowing barn applications. TriDEK floors are manufactured from rolled steel rod that has a tensile strength of 80,000 psi and hardness of 95 Rb. After being cut to length, the finished rolled TriDEK rods are then resistance welded to a 13/32” diameter cross rod. Hog Slat is the only manufacturer to offer resistance welded metal flooring solutions for the swine industry.

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